Elementary School Program

1st - 5th Grades

Our Elementary School Program provides a strong foundation in the core subjects of math, reading, spelling, writing and science while also exposing our students to electives, such as Spanish, Art and Computers, to help them develop their interests.  Our homeroom class typically has around 18 students with a max limit of 22.  We expect these numbers to be much lower this year as we transition.  In our homeroom class we work on group assignments, explore science, study history and so much more.  We then split our homerooms into small groups of around 8-12 for both math and reading.  This allows us to spend more time on the fundamentals for those who need it while also enabling others to perform work at a higher grade level if they are ready.  It also promotes socialization across the grade as our math and reading groups pull from both homerooms. 

For grades 1 – 3 our schedule is from 8:30am– 2:30pm.  Students have core subjects and electives for approximately four and a half hours during this time with another one and a half hours allotted for breaks.  From 2:30 – 4:00pm our students have supervised homework time and while we are online students will also have one-on-one time with a teacher on a rotating basis, roughly once a week.  Pick up (or log off) is allowed after 2:30pm but many parents prefer to pick up at 4 o’clock so that their students can come home homework-free.

For grades 4 and 5 our schedule is from 8:30am – 3:15pm. Students have core subjects and electives for approximately five and a half hours each day.  Our class sessions are a little longer for these ages but otherwise the flow of the day and our teacher:student ratios are the same.  Students continue to have core subjects and electives with their homeroom class and break into skill-based small math and reading groups.  Supervised study time will be available until 4 o'clock. We will also have regular one to one sessions while we are online.

Most students stay with us all the way through junior high school.  Our students who leave after fifth grade enter other junior high schools fully prepared to succeed and excel in their new environments.