Junior High School Program

6th - 8th Grades

We have designed our Junior High School Program to prepare students to excel in high school.  We provide our students with a ‘high-school-like’ experience by offering a shortened home room time followed by individual subjects taught by teachers who are experts in their discipline.  Our students have to keep track of their homework, projects and tests across their classes just as they will in high school.  We build accountability into the program as we know that study habits are just as important as raw ability at the next level. 

Our Junior High School program starts at 8:30am with core classes and electives until 3:15pm.  There is approximately five and a half hours of seat time with breaks and lunch mixed in.  Parents can pick up at 3:15pm (or students can log off) but we provide supervised study hall until 4pm.  While we are online our program will also mix in one to one time with teachers to further go over completed work and to promote accountability.

Our school also fosters the right environment for our junior high students to succeed.  This age comes with unique social pressures that no school can eliminate but we take steps to promote a positive environment for our students.  Our uniform policy is flexible and is particularly helpful for this age group as it reduces the pressure of figuring out the right outfit to wear every day.  We are understanding, but we also have the ability to deal with discipline issues ways that other schools may not.  We are large enough where all students can find their own friends but small enough where students respect our community and its members.  As you look at schools it is important to understand both the curriculum and the environment that it is taught in.

At the end of your students' journey with us they will be prepared for what comes next. They will be proud alumnae for life.