Our Program

This Fall – Continuing our Successful Online Program

This upcoming Fall (September – December) we have made the decision to continue with our wildly successful online program.  Last Spring every school had to quickly adapt to online learning.  We adapted, and then we excelled.  We offered live instruction when other schools offered video recordings.  We kept our seat-time high when other schools reduced hours.  We continued to offer our electives in the afternoon – Spanish, PE, Cartooning and more – when other schools pulled back.  We always knew that our teachers were amazing. When others outside our community compared their online experience to ours they also recognized how amazing our teachers and programs are. 

We are continuing with our online program in the Fall as we recognize that not every parent will want in-person instruction that soon.  Equally important, no one yet knows what the health situation will be, what the regulations will be and what is even possible in an in-person environment this August.  If other schools are telling you that they will be in-person, bless them.  We are being honest and are instead spending the summer making our online experience even better.  We will supplement our online program with optional, in-person, small group extra-curricular activities if it is safe to do so.

Supervised Study Option

We know that many families need a safe and supervised space for their children to go to as they are called back to work.  We will provide in-person ‘supervised study’ as well.  This is optional only.  Students will still log-in to their online class but they will do so in a safe location supervised by our staff.  We are touring safe and spacious locations throughout Walnut Creek and will announce our location soon.

In Person Instruction Starting 2021

Our hope is that it will be safe to provide in-person instruction in the second semester, starting in January of 2021.  We will monitor the health situation, have time to observe what is and what is not working, and will plan to provide in-person instruction in 2021.


Junior Kindergarten & Kindergarten

Four and Five year olds


Elementary School

1st - 5th Grades

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Junior High School

6th - 8th Grades