Junior Kindergarten & Kindergarten

We understand that an online program poses unique challenges for younger students who are still learning how to acclimate to a classroom environment.  At the same time, we understand that parents may not want to plan on an in person class only for the state or local government to make that impossible at the last minute.

We are committed to continuing our highly regarded Junior Kindergarten and Kindergarten programs this year.  On both our Returning Student Enrollment Form and on our New Student Admissions Form we are asking that you state your preference for in-person vs. online instruction, with the recognition that in-person may be disrupted by events beyond our control in the Fall.  If there is sufficient interest in an in-person program we will find the space, be it in a properly zoned commercial center or via a partnership with an in-home provider utilizing our esteemed staff.  At this time we are only looking at easily accessible areas of Walnut Creek.  With sufficient interest we will also provide both in-person and online options.

Regardless of in-person or online, our JK and Kindergarten programs will have a ratio of no more than one teacher for every nine students.  We focus on strengthening social skills, developing mathematical thinking (vs. just drilling numbers), building competencies in phonics and early literacy, as well on helping students acclimate to an academic classroom environment.  What makes our program special is that we achieve our goals without imposing stifling control on the classroom; our teachers facilitate activities and encourage children’s creative abilities.  Children are more open to new concepts when they are having fun in a supportive environment.

Our schedule is from 8:30am – 1:30pm with appropriate breaks in between.  During this time children will have roughly two and a half hours of homeroom time as well as roughly an hour of electives such as PE and Spanish.  This year, if online, we will also have rotating one to one time with our teachers to concentrate on reading, math and any other area that requires attention.